Current Research

I work primarily on Urdu (syntax, morphology, semantics, some phonology) by taking both synchronic and historical aspects into account. Occasionally, I branch out to other South Asian languages or even work on German. Currently, I'm concentrating on the history and distribuution of case and complex predicates in South Asian languages.

I am also interested in issues of grammar architecture and investigate interface issues (syntax-semantics, morphology-syntax/semantics, prosody-syntax) from both a theoretical and a computational perspective.

Computationally, I am involved with PARGRAM, an effort to develop parallel grammars for English (PARC), German (IMS, Stuttgart), French (Xerox, Grenoble), Hungarian (Debrecen), Indonesian (Canberra), Japanese (Fuji Xerox), Norwegian (Bergen), and Urdu. Malagasy and Welsh were investigated by a project on Verb-initial languages.

Recently, I have also become involved in experimenting with visualizing linguistic patterns via methods developed in the field of Visual Analytics.

See the projects page for more information on current and completed projects.

Pictures from a recent conference.