The Computational Linguistics Lab

The Computational Linguistics Laboratory at the University of Konstanz is a fully equipped, up to date computer room with a number of apple computers and computational linguistics as well as general linguistics specific software to use in our courses and for students to work and learn with in their spare time. It is one of five linguistics labs here in Konstanz, the others are the Lab for Fieldwork and Documentation, Baby Speech Lab, Neurolinguistics Lab, Phonlab and the Psycholinguistics Lab

Software for computational linguistic purposes running on all the Macs includes Xerox Linguistics Environment (XLE), Xerox Finite State Tool (xfst), Eclipse, Emacs & Aquamacs, Praat, R and much more.

Depending on availability, in principle any member of the university is welcome to come use the lab. However, you need to get permission from the lab director, Miriam Butt. Any software you might want to install also needs to be first vetted by us. If you are interested in using the lab for teaching or research or you have any general organizational questions concerning the lab please contact Hyewon Jang.