GKR parser: The GKR parser transforms a given sentence into a layered semantic graph, suitable for the tasks of Natural Language Inference (NLI) and semantic similarity. The graphs can also be integrated in any application as semantic representations. (in-house software)

GLUE Semantics Workbench: The goal of this software is to revive the old GLUE prover used by XLE. The workbench provides a state-of-the-art platform for glue semantics that is both easy to use and extensible due to its modular structure. (in-house software)

XLE+Glue: XLE+Glue is a system that allows user to specify Glue semantics premises directly in XLE and calculate semantic representations based on these premises.

Linguistic rewrite system: A system for rewriting and expanding linguistic annotations. It includes support for Glue semantics and is thus particularly well suited to specify the syntax/semantics interface.