Workshop: Musical Minds

27. - 28. July 2023

Y 311

Department of Linguistics


Language and music are amongst the most impressive cognitive, social and communicative achievements of humans. The links between the two have been frequently studied and have led to many great insights, such as how musical skills transfer to language skill. However, some of these predicted effects do not always replicate across studies. Many aspects of the bidirectionality between language and music remain unknown. In particular, the effect of native language on music processing and skill has remained largely unaddressed.

With this two-day interdisciplinary workshop, we aim to bring together a range of researchers interested in the links between language and music in order to discuss the current status quo, and facilitate discussions on how to further advance the field. Submissions can cover a wide range of topics related to cognition, perception, learning or production that link music and language. The planned program will include keynote lectures, presentations and round tables with ample time for discussion and socialising.