Information for first-semester students

Here, you will find all the information you need to get off to a successful start at the University of Konstanz!

Before you study

Erstihütte retreat

The “Erstihütte” retreat is an introductory event for new students organised by the Student Council. You, your fellow first-semester students from the Departments of Literature and Linguistics and several tutors will spend three days at a house on the Swiss mountain Flumserberg. You can look forward to a fantastic programme, helpful information and to meeting interesting new people from your future study programmes.

Here, you will find further information about the Erstihütte retreat. To take part in the three-day trip, please sign up here

Orientation week

Duration orientation week from 16 to 20 October, you will have the opportunity to learn about student life in Konstanz. From guided library tours and a breakfast for new students to our pub crawl - we have put together a varied programme that you are sure to enjoy. You are of course free to choose the events you wish to attend.

Here, you will find an overview of all orientation week events.

Language courses (SLI)

The Language Institute (SLI) offers a variety of a language courses. To participate, you must register by 15 October using our online portal ZEuS.

Further information is available on the pages of the Language Institute.

University sports

To secure a place in one of our incredibly popular courses, please register here by 25 September. Please note that our courses tend to fill very quickly and that you will need a “Sportticket” (in German), which costs € 5, in order to sign up. There are various beginners’ and advanced courses, all of which are organised by students, for various types of sports activities.

Transferable skills

If you are interested in taking transferable skills courses in areas such as sustainability, project management or IT during your first semester, please sign up by 18 October. Information about transferable skills is available here (in German). You can register via our online portal ZEuS.

While you study

Mailing list

Subscribe to our fs-litling mailing list to receive important information via email (e.g. deadlines, invitations and internship offers). It’s well worth it! In addition to the fs-liting mailing list, there are various other lists you are very welcome to subscribe to.

Sign up for our mailing list here.

More University of Konstanz mailing lists are available here.

University groups

The University of Konstanz is home to various official university groups. There are university groups for a wide range of topics. Between political or party groups, orchestra or theatre groups as well as environmental and sustainability groups, you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy. University groups are usually quite casual and it’s well worth paying them a visit. The majority of groups is also active at other universities.

An overview of the university groups in Konstanz is available here.

AStA student union

The Allgemeine Studierenden Ausschuss (AStA) is the students’ executive body. AStA plans events and offers various student services. Anyone is welcome to join one of the AStA units.

The financial unit is responsible for the budget, the cultural affairs and events unit promotes student access to cultural events and plans and organises commercial events (e.g. the AStA party), the sustainability, equal opportunity and social affairs unit looks after our students’ social requirements and the university policy unit promotes internal and external exchange on higher education policy.

Here, you will find more information about student representation at the University of Konstanz.

Living in Konstanz


Your first port of call for finding accommodation or a flat share in Konstanz is Seezeit student services. Seezeit rents out more than 3000 student rooms at reasonable rates. They can also help you find privately owned accommodation.

There are various online platforms you can use to find privately owned accommodation, such as or It may also be worth it to check out the relevant Facebook groups (such as Wohnung Konstanz), which are for people who are offering and looking for accommodation.

Don't worry - you won't have to sleep rough if you haven’t been able to secure accommodation by the time your study programme starts. The “Haste’ mal nen Sofa? initiative can put you in touch with other students willing to offer you their couch as you look for your own rooms.

Other points of contact and more information around the topic of accommodation is available on the university pages.


Konstanz boasts an incredibly varied nightlife, whether you want to make it an all-nighter or simply hang out with your friends while enjoying a cool bottle of beer.

If going to pubs and bars is your thing, you will feel right at home in Konstanz’s historic quarter. Please be aware though that, on weekdays, most pubs and bars close at 1:00 out of consideration for the neighbours. However, you will find bars that are open much longer outside the historic city centre. Make sure to take part in our pub crawl during orientation week to gain an overview!

There is also a LitLing “Stammtisch”, a group of people who meet regularly for a drink or two. For more information about the “Stammtisch”, simply drop in on one of our meetings or take a look at our events and/or Facebook pages.

If you’d rather go clubbing, you should definitely visit Konstanz’s industrial area, which boasts some of Konstanz’s largest and most popular clubs. It may be well worth your while to visit Berry's during orientation week, and to take a closer look at the posters we put up in the foyer. They will keep you up to date about upcoming parties organised by various Student Councils.

You will also be able to purchase tickets for most student parties in the foyer.