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Vortrag: Ethos Mining: foundations, applications and future work

Montag, 03. Dezember 2018
16:00 – 17:00 Uhr

C 202

FB Sprachwissenschaft

Rory Duthie

Ethos, defined by Aristotle as the character of the speaker, plays a
fundamental role in day to day society being present in conversation to
political debate. Despite this fact the automatic extraction of ethos
from natural language, ethos mining, has rarely been studied with the
primary focus in the argumentation community being upon the reasoning
expressed in language (logos). In this talk I will show the foundations
of ethos mining, focussing upon the intricacies of UK parliamentary
debate and the natural language processing methods used in extraction. I
will then describe the current applications of ethos mining, in
particular, the initial qualitative and quantitative visualisations
which can be expressed from ethos mining for individual politicians and
political groupings. Finally, I will explore possible future avenues of
work in ethos mining, especially improvements which can be made from a
deeper understanding of the natural language and the possibilities of
further visualisation.