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Areas of research and interest:

  • Syntactic Theory
    • Syntax-Semantics Interface
    • Syntax-Morphology Interface
  • German(ic) Syntax
    • Word Order
    • Case
    • Complementation
    • Dialects
    • Bavarian
  • South Asian
    • Bengali (Bangla)
  • Psycholinguistics
    • Language Comprehension
    • Syntactic Parsing
    • Language and Brain


  1. Sprachverstehen und variable Wortstellung: Syntaktische und außersyntaktische Faktoren bei der Verarbeitung deutscher Sätze (DFG; Ba 1178/4-3) (finished)
    (mit Dr. phil. Markus Bader und Dr. med. Jens-Max Hopf)
    wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin: Jana Häussler, MA

    abgeschlossen 2005

  2. The Syntax-Morphology Interface: Case, Agreement, and the Licensing of Arguments (Kurt-Lion Foundation, Konstanz/Tel-Aviv) (finished)
    (mit Prof. Alexander Grosu, PhD)

  3. Dialect Grammar, Free Variation and Change: Do we Need a Concept of Microvariaton? (SFB 471, A17) (finished)
    researcher: Dr. Ellen Brandner

  4. Lexical Features and Variable Syntactic Processes (SFB 471, A18) (finished)
    researcher: Dr. Susanne Trissler

    abgeschlossen 2005

  5. Lexical and Syntactic Processes in Language Comprehension (SFB 471, D2) (finished)
    with PD Dr. Markus Bader
    researchers: Dr. Tanja Schmid, Jana Häussler

  6. Clause Structure and Utterance Meaning: Word Order, Particles, Emphasis, 04/2013 - 09/2017 (DFG; Ba 1178/9-1)
    doctoral student: Yvonne Viesel

  7. AThEME: Advancing the European Multilingual Experience
    (with Prof. Dr. Janet Grijzenhout and Prof. Dr. Claudia Diehl)
    Multilingualism and Communicative Impairments
    since August 2015
    doctoral student: Constantin Freitag

  8. The Role of German Particles in Questions, since 04/2016 (DFG; FOR 2111 Questions at the Interface
    with Carsten Eulitz and Maribel Romero
    Post-doc: Anna Czypionka



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Selected Articles

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PhD Students

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Talks at conferences (since 2000)

  • (with M. Bader & M. Meng) A KP for oblique Cases. DGFS-Workshop. Marburg 1.-3. March 2000.
  • Symmetry and asymmetry in South Asian languages. Workshop on Antisymmetry Theory, Cortona, 15.-17. May 2000.
  • Ways of deriving Case, Case Workshop: Diagnosis in Language processing / Conflicting Rules. Potsdam, 1.-3. December 2000
  • Topicalization, force and pied-piping, Workshop Elements minimaux de la variation linguistique, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Sociales, Paris, 15-16. December 2000
  • Non-standard subjects and Case, SFB-Kolloquium Kasusfragen: lexikalisch, semantisch oder strukturell?, SFB 282, Cologne, 18 May 2001
  • Emphatic topics in Bavarian and the organization of the left periphery, Giornata di dialettologia, Universitá di Padova, 8. June 2001
  • Non-standard subjects and Case. International Symposium on Non-Nominative Subjects. Tokyo, 17.-21. December 2001
  • (with Markus Bader) Processing load and syntactic ambiguity resolution. 15th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Proce-ssing, CUNY, New York. 21-23.3.2002
  • Topicalization and force in CP Department of Linguistics, Tel Aviv University. 20.6.2002
  • Decomposing the left periphery: dialectal and cross-linguistic evidence. Israeli Association of Theoretical Linguists (IATL), Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan. 24-25.6.2002
  • Dative pertinacity. Workshop on Pertinacity, Schloss Freudental. 11-14 Juli 2002
  • (with E. Brandner) Klitisiertes "zu" im Bairischen und Alemannischen, 1. Internationaler Dialektologenkongress der IDGG, Marburg, 5.-8.3.2003
  • (with T. Schmid and M. Bader) Coherent Infinitives in German: An Experimental Perspective, International Conference on Linguistic Evidence, Tübingen, 28.-31.1.2004
  • (with M. Bader) P as Case, 30. Incontro di Grammatica Generativa, Universitá Ca' Foscari, Venezia, 26.-28.2.2004
  • Was beschränkt die Extraktion? Subjekt -- Objekt vs. Topic -- Fokus Symposium Deutsche Syntax: Empirie und Theorie. Göteborgs Universitet. 13-15 May 2004
  • (with T. Schmid and M. Bader) Parsing and Grammar: Evidence from Infinitival Complementation. 17th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing. College Park, Maryland. 25-27 März 2004
  • (with M. Bader and J. Häussler) On Structure and Frequency: Case in PP and VP. 17th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing. College Park, Maryland. 25-27 March 2004
  • (with T. Schmid and M. Bader) Clause Position and Clause Union. 19th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop. Graduate Center, CUNY, New York City. 3-5 June 2004
  • (with E. Brandner) Light Noun Raising in Alemannic and Bavarian Infinitives. 19th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop. Graduate Center, CUNY, New York City. 3-5 June 2004
  • (mit M. Bader) On the syntactic nature of preposition phrases. Workshop on Interface and Interface Conditions in Honor of Professor Anita Steube. Leipzig, 26. June, 2004.
  • Adjacency in infinitive constructions. SFB-Workshop Germanic Infinitives: Representation, Variation and Processing. University of Konstanz. 30.9. - 2.10. 2004.
  • Ingredients of the Left Periphery. 1. Meeting of the Scientific Network: The Structure of the Left Periphery in Germanic Languages – CP- and IP-Related Elements in Normal and Impaired Speech. Greifswald, 3 November 2004.
  • Notes on the status of subjects and expletives in connection mit word order. Colloquium Expletive Subjects in Romance and Germanic Languages, University of Konstanz. 11. - 13. November 2004.
  • On the Shape and Position of Infinitives. Universität Potsdam, 27. January 2005.
  • That-trace without reference to the subject. 20th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop. Katholieke Universiteit van Brabant, Tilburg. 9.-11.-05. 2005. [invited speaker]*
  • Checking clausal complements in head-final languages. 5th Asia GLOW Conference, New Delhi. Aug. 5 - 8, 2005. *
  • Deutsch nur  - Italienisch solo. Symposium Das Italienische und das Deutsche: ein typologischer Vergleich. Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität Frankfurt, 3.- 4. Februar 2006. *
  • Subjects and Microcomparative Variation. Trondheim 5-6 August 2006. 
  • (with E. Brandner), Wie oberflächlich ist die syntaktische Variation zwischen Dialekten? – Doubly-filled COMP revisited. 2. Kongress der IGDD, Vienna, 20-23 September 2006.
  • (with E. Brandner), On Clausal Typing by Wh-Head-Movement. Journées d'etudes « Types des Phrases et périphérie gauche », Paris, 1.-2. Dezember 2006 
  • (with E. Brandner), On wh-head-movement and the Doubly Filled Comp Filter. 26th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, Berkeley, 27-29 April 2007.
  • On the nature of the [/that/ trace] effect. University of Geneva, 30 October 2007.
  • From modal particle to interrogative marker. Journées d'etudes La structure des types de phrases, Paris 16.-17. November 2007.
  • Complementation in SOV-syntax. Head-Final Languages Workshop, Leipzig 6.-9. December 2007.
  • Variation in der linken Satzperipherie des Bairischen (und verwandter Dialekte),
    Workshop Neue Tendenzen in der deutschen Dialektologie: Morphologie und Syntax, Universit&agraphe; degli Studi di Verona, 13-14 December 2007. 
  • Associating the German Discourse Particle "denn" with the Left Periphery, Workshop on Discourse Particles, Venice, 4 February 2008.
  • How does the German particle denn reach the left periphery? Berlin, 2-4 Mai 2008.
  • German denn versus Bavarian -n in questions, Salzburg, 15 Mai 2008.
  • (with Hans-Georg Obenauer) Discourse Particles, Clause Structure, and Question Types. Particle Workshop, Cambridge 30-31 October 2008.
  • (with Martin Salzmann) That-trace effects and resumption as the result of Improper Movement DGfS Osnabrück 05.03.2009.
  • W-Frage, Fragepartikel und W-drop im Bairischen 
    11. Bayerisch-Österreichische Dialektologentagung, Passau 22.-25. September 2010.
  • (with Hans-Georg Obenauer) On the (In-) Dependence of Interpretation from Syntax-Evidence from Special Questions.
    Sentence Types, Sentence Mood, and Illocutionary Forces. International Conference to Honor Manfred Bierwisch Berlin 04.-06.11.2010.
  • (with Jana Häussler, Markus Bader & Simon Hopp) Connecting to Illocutionary Force: A Theoretical and Experimental Study of the German Discourse Particle denn. GLOW, Vienna 28.-30.04.2011.
  • Doubly-Filled Comp, wh head-movement, and chain uniformity. Inaugural Workshop The Representation of Structure in Grammar.Annesso Cartesiano di Villa Salmi, Arezzo. Juli 1-3 2011.
  • Discourse Particles in Questions. Syntactic Constituency, Scope and Decomposition. Paper presented at the workshop Structures of Meaning - in Honor of Arnim von Stechow, University of Konstanz, 10-11 November 2011.
  • Syntaktische und phonologische Eigenschaften von W-Operatoren und W-Bewegung im Bairischen Workshop Syntax des Bairischen. Frankfurt, 29.06.2012.
  • Demystifying Bavarian complementizer agreement GIST 6, Ghent, October 17, 2012.
  • Klitisierung, Reanalyse, und die Lizensierung von Nullformen: zwei Beispiele aus dem Bairischen. 18.LIPP Symposium. München, 15. November 2012.
  • (with Andreas Trotzke), Discourse particles, successive-cyclic movement, and the nature of derivations, University of Venice (Ca'Foscari di Venezia), 3 October 2013.
  • (with Laura Dörre) German adverbs and discourse particles: Corpus-linguistic investigations, Schloss Freudental, 25 January 2014.
  • (with Andreas Trotzke) Clause structure & utterance meaning: Word order, particles, emphasis, Schloss Freudental, 24 January 2014.
  • (with Probal Dasgupta & Sibansu Mukhopadhyay) Functional structure and the Bangla discourse particle to, 30th South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable(SALA 30), University of Hyderabad, 6-8 February 2014.
  • (with Andreas Trotzke, Giuseppina Turco) Left peripheral particles, syntactic constituency, and emphasis, Exploring the Interfaces 3: Prosodic and Constituent Structure, McGill University, 8-10 May 2014.
  • Messages from the Bavarian clitic -n. International Conference on Generative Linguistics and Philosophy in Honor of Günther Grewendorf. University of Frankfurt, 27-29 June 2014.
  • Functional Structure and the Bangla Discourse Particle to. GGS Konstanz 30-31 Mai 2014
  • (with Probal Dasgupta) The architectural unity of emphasis, topic and interrogative marking in Bangla. The grammar's reflexes of emphasis: From information structure to the expressive dimension. Konstanz, 29-30 September 2014.
  • Movement and scope in wh-questions with discourse particles. 30th Comparative Syntax Workshop, 22-23 May 2015, University of Chicago.
  • Criterial Freezing in the Syntax of Particles. Workshop on Freezing: Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Domains 3-4 July 2015, University of Tübingen. [invited lecture].
  • Minimalist Explorations of the Clausal Periphery. [three invited lectures]. Keio University, Tokyo. 18 July 2015. (Lecture ILecture IILecture III
  • Reparatur in der Grammatik. Anmerkungen zum Sprachdesign / Repair in Grammar. Notes on the Design of Language. Die Zukunft von Grammatik - Die Grammatik der Zukunft. Symposium anlässlich des 80. Geburtstags von Werner Abraham. 12.-13.02.2016. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. [invited lecture].
  • (with Constantin Freitag) How much verb moves to second position? Theoretical and experimental evidence. Verb-Second Workshop, 29.–31.July 2016, Bergische Universität Wuppertal.[invited lecture].
  • From the Adjunction Theory to the Head Theory of Particles. Workshop DP and CP-Adjunction – and beyond: Interrelation between Syntactic Operations and Semantic / Pragmatic Features, 6-8 October 2016, University of Hamburg. [invited lecture].

  • (with Uwe Braun) German Discourse Particles in Sentential Infinitives. 31st Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop, 1-3 November 2016. University of Stellenbosch, Republic of South Africa.
  • (with Anna Czypionka, Maribel Romero & Carsten Eulitz). The licensing of discourse particles in complex questions: Evidence from graded judgments and event-related potentials. 30th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, MIT, 30 March - 1 April 2017. Poster


On Thursday, 19 November 2015, I was surprised by the webschrift Charting the Landscape of Linguistics, ed. by Ellen Brandner, Anna Czypionka, Constantin Freitag & Andreas Trotzke. The fotos which accompany the document inform about the invited speaker and the celebration that followed the event.


  • born in Dietfurt/ Altmühl (Bavaria).
  • 1970-82: university education (German philology, linguistics, philosophy, musicology) at Regensburg, Hamburg (M.A.), Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and Konstanz.

  • 1982: doctoral dissertation, Konstanz. 

  • 1978-82: scientific staff of research group of Sonderforschungsbereich 99, University of Konstanz.

  • 1982-85: scientific staff of research group Aphasia and Cognitive Disorders, Technical University of  Aachen. 

  • 1985-90: scientific staff,  Max-Planck-Institute of Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

  • 1991: habilitation in theoretical linguistics, University of Konstanz.

  • 1991-92: visiting professor, University of Duesseldorf.

  • 1992-93: visiting professor, University of Vienna.

  • 1993-1994: scientific staff, Sonderforschungsbereich 340, University of Stuttgart.

  • 1994-2000: professor of General and Germanic Linguistics, University of Jena.

  • 2000-2016: professor of General and Germanic Linguistics, University of Konstanz.

  • 2001-2003 : head of the department of linguistics.

  • 2016 : retired.