Yvonne Viesel

Academic Staff/Doctoral Candidate

My interests include generative syntax / semantics / interface issues, such as:

  • German discourse particles: sentence-medial and non-truth-conditional pragmatic markers
  • Corpus data on frequency, contingent conditions and interplaying factors
  • Syntactic containment and dimensions of meaning

I am proficient in the following languages: German (native speaker), English (business fluent), French (basics), Latin (passive).

Academic Background


University of Konstanz (Germany)
Academic staff / PhD student

Project: Clause Structure and Utterance Meaning: Word Order, Particles, Emphasis (DFG; Ba 1178/9-1)

Dissertation subject:
Information structure and discourse particles
Prof. Dr. Josef Bayer, Prof. Dr. Maribel Romero

10/2016 -

University of Stuttgart (Germany)
Research grant from the Integrated Research Training Group of SFB 732:
Incremental specification in context
Affiliation: Project A6:
Encoding of information structure in German and French
Collaboration with Dr. Arndt Riester

10/2013 -

University of Konstanz (Germany)
Academic staff (DFG; Ba 1178/9-1) / PhD student

01/2011 - 

Staatliches Seminar für Didaktik und Lehrerbildung, Weingarten / Schubart-Gymnasium, Ulm (Germany; teachers training)
Degree: Second State Exam
(qualification for the higher teaching service)
Final grade: Good (1.9)

10/2003 - 

University of Konstanz (Germany)
Degree: State Exam (German, English)
Final grade: Very good (1.1)

10/2004 - 
09/2006 / 
01/2007 - 07/2009

Student assistant of Prof. Dr. Josef Bayer

10/2006 - 

Student member of the Equal Opportunity Council

09/1992 - 

Hegau-Gymnasium Singen (Germany)
Degree: Abitur
Final grade: Very good (1.2)

09/1999 - 

East Newton High School, Granby (Missouri, USA)
Foreign exchange student


Publications and Talks


Viesel, Yvonne (2016). Discourse particles 'embedded': German ja in adjectival phrases. In Josef Bayer & Volker Struckmeier (eds.), Discourse Particles: Formal Approaches to their Syntax and Semantics (Linguistische Arbeiten 564), 173-202. Berlin: Gruyter

Viesel, Yvonne (2015). Discourse structure and syntactic embedding: The German discourse particle ja. In Thomas Brochhagen, Floris Roelofsen & Nadine Theiler (eds.), Proceedings of the 20th Amsterdam Colloquium, 418-427. Amsterdam.

Viesel, Yvonne (2011). glaubt erglaub ichglaub. Integrierte V1-Parenthesen, Extraktion aus V2-Komplementen, Grammatikalisierung. Linguistische Berichte 226, 129-169.

Talks and presentations (non-exhaustive)


Additional Information

Two children (born 03/2002 and 01/2013)