How to Use the Lab

If you want to use the Phonlab for your own research, e.g. for a production or perception experiment, please fill in one of the following forms and hand them in to our administrative support, Barbara Werner. These forms also provide further information about how to use the lab.

For students (BA, MA) and PhD-students of the Linguistics Department at the University of Konstanz: English / German

For post-doctoral researchers employed by the University of Konstanz (Linguistics or other departments): English / German

If you are not a member of the University of Konstanz and would like to collaborate with us or use the PhonLab for your own research, please contact either Bettina Braun or Nicole Dehé directly.

Please consider the following privacy statements for your perception experiments:

Datenschutzerklärung Perzeptionsstudien (pdf file)
Datenschutzerklärung Perzeptionsstudien (word file)