PhonLab: Guidelines and Rules


Department of Linguistics, University of Konstanz

The Phonlab in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Konstanz is located in rooms G103 / G104. Its purpose is to carry out production and perception studies for data collection and analysis in research and teaching, and to train young researchers. In November 2010 it has been newly equipped and since then comprises a sound-attenuated recording booth, six fully equipped workplaces for perception experiments, an electroglottography (EGG) device, and an Eyelink 1000 Plus eye-tracker.

These rules of conduct regulate the use of the laboratory. They come into force on 1.1.2011 and are binding for all persons.

1. Responsibility

The responsibility lies with the professors Nicole Dehé and Bettina Braun (hereafter: the persons responsible) in equal parts (secretary: Barbara Werner). The persons responsible are to be contacted regarding all questions. The authority of making the final decision lies with them.

2. Use, reservation, introduction, access

2.1 Use

For each room a laboratory calendar is kept, which regulates the use of the laboratory, enables advance planning and prevents overlaps and disruptions of ongoing experiments.

The use of the laboratory by persons other than the persons responsible must be applied for in each case (see 2.2).

Priority of use:

- those responsible, their employees and research partners

- other members of the department and their students and doctoral students

- guests of the department who are not among the groups already listed

Those responsible endeavour to enable all applicants to use the Phonlab. However, they have the right to refuse an application to use the Phonlab if (i) the reasons why the laboratory is needed is not stated in the application, (ii) there is overlap with projects already entered in the laboratory calendar, (iii) the use would occur at peak times and exceed a duration of three weeks, (iv) or the applicants have behaved unscientific or did not act in accordance with these regulations during previous use.

The management of use is done by an administrative staff member, temporarily by Barbara Werner until such a position is created and filled for the language laboratory at the Department of Linguistics.

2.2 Reservation

Application forms for using the Phonlab are available for download on the Phonlab website. They must be filled in completely and submitted to those responsible in good time via the administrative staff (see 2.1). A lead time of one week is usually sufficient.

2.3 Introduction

Joachim Kleinmann and student assistants are available to introduce first-time users to the technology of the Phonlab. Contact details can be obtained from the administrative staff member.

2.4 Access

The persons responsible have transponders for accessing the Phonlab. All other users must get the transponder from the administrative staff member (until further notice: Monday-Thursday, 10:00-11:00 a.m.) and return it there as soon as possible after use. Transponders are only issued against a deposit. Each user is responsible for the borrowed transponder and is liable for loss according to the rules of the University of Konstanz. Under no circumstances is it permitted to pass on a borrowed transponder to another person.

3. Maintenance of the laboratory and the technical equipment

The care and maintenance of the technical equipment of the Phonlab is ensured by Joachim Kleinmann. He is also the contact person for technical problems that cannot be solved by the student assistants.

Each user is responsible for the Phonlab and its equipment at the time of use. All furnishings, technical devices, etc. must be handled with care and expertise. Nothing may be removed from the laboratory. Damages must be reported immediately to the technician or to those responsible.

The aims of the department are to collect different paradigms of perception experiments within the Phonlab. All applicants agree to make their experimental software (e.g. presentation, eprime or dmdx scripts) and a short documentation thereof available for further use.

4. Rules of conduct

4.1 When leaving the Phonlab, the Phonlab must be locked, even in the event of a short absence.

4.2 Windows must be closed when leaving the room.

4.3 People who do not have a key to the Phonlab are not allowed to be alone in the Phonlab.

4.4 The Phonlab and its equipment may not be used for purposes other than those requested.

4.5 No user may install or delete software on the Phonlab computers without consulting the technician or the persons responsible.

4.6 After the recording, all recorded voice data must be copied to your own data carrier and deleted from the memory cards and computers of the laboratory due to limited memory capacity.

4.7 The Phonlab should be left as it was found. In particular, no changes should be made to the technical equipment.

4.8 Damage to the equipment, technical problems etc. must be reported immediately to the technician or the persons responsible.

These regulations are recognized by each user upon receipt of the transponder by signature.

Konstanz, 1 Jan 2011


-- The persons responsible