12th October 2023


13th October 2023




Keynote Lecture: Prof. Dr. Daisy Powell

Learning to read in more than one language: the role of cognitive, linguistic and environmental factors


Keynote Lecture: Prof. Dr. Joan C. Mora. L2 pronunciation learning through L2-captioned video.


Freideriki Tselekidou & Natalia Gagarina: Bilingual oral language and literacy in Greek-German primary school children: Effects of internal and external background factors


Rebeca Finger-Bou & Carmen Muñoz: The Effects of Caption Type and Language Learning Aptitude on Vocabulary Acquisition


Sara Cavaglià, Chiara Melloni & Maria Vender: Reading predictors in bilingual and monolingual preschool children: a didactic intervention on phonological awareness


Bridget Murphy: Corrective feedback timing in mobile instant messaging: during-task versus post-task feedback


Coffee Break


Coffee break


Noemi Furlani & Doris Mücke: Tongue kinematics in L2-directed speech: a twin EMA design


Hanife Ilen, Gunnar Jacob & Helen Engemann: Cross-linguistic ungrammatical priming in Turkish-German bilinguals


Michał B. Paradowski, Andrzej Jarynowski,  & Karolina Czopek;: Third language acquisition in high intercomprehension settings: Displaced Ukrainians learning Polish


Lisa Giesselbach, Anna-Lena Scherger: Bilingual language acquisition of compound nouns


Charlotte Englert, Ilaria Venagli & Tanja Kupisch (ONLINE): The role of typology and recency in multilingual acquisition of grammatical gender


Suzanne Patzschke (ONLINE): The Role of Code-Switching in Bilingual First Language Acquisition: The case of le in Two French-English Bilingual Children


Lunch Break


Lunch break


Britta Gemmeke: Pronunciation of L2 French by German learners: Frequent and individual types of errors


Tina Ghaemi & Anamaria Bentea: Comprehension of Subject and Object Who- and Which-questions in Monolingual and Heritage Farsi-speaking Children


Julia Zbróg, Maria Obarska, Magdalena Kochańska & Natalia Banasik-Jemielniak: Voices Matter: Investigating the Impact of Pre-Recorded Female and Mixed Voice Instructions on Bilingual Children’s Performance in the Sentence Repetition Task


Meike Rommel (ONLINE): Pre-aspiration in Modern vs. Heritage Icelandic


Vera Trager (ONLINE): Task-Based Needs Analysis: Enabling Targeted Task Design for Primary School-Aged Refugees


Poster session + Coffee break


Poster session + Coffee break


Keynote Lecture: Dr. Jonas Grünke Acquiring Romance phonology against the backdrop of heritage bilingualism


Keynote Lecture: Dr. Michela Redolfi

Exploring reading in atypical populations:

eye-tracking and finger-tracking in dyslexia and bilingualism 

Poster session: Day 1

  1. Federica De Cristofaro: Corpus study on modal particles: the acquisition of denn and schon in bilingual children

  2. Alexia Despina Leonidou: Perception of German vowels in Italian second language learners

  3. Nicola Perugini: Sensitivity to identifiability in Italian bilingual children

  4. Michał B. Paradowski: Differential Social Norms in L2/L3 vs L1: Non-Trivial Foreign Language Effects

  5. Michal B. Paradowski: Peer interactions and L2 development during study abroad: Insights from longitudinal social network analysis

  6. Gina Arnold: Teacher perceptions on task design & technological integration in lesson planning for the EFL/ESL classroom

  7. Ghasem Faraji: Heritage Language Anxiety and Majority Language Anxiety among Iranian Immigrants in Germany

Poster session: Day 2

  1. Karolina Sarzyńska: Factors linked to children’s scores in Sentence Repetition Task: Evidence from bilingual children speaking Polish as one of their languages

  2. Anna Olszewska: Regressive transfer in the syntactic domain: the effect of L3 Danish, Swedish or Norwegian on L2 English among L1 Polish speakers

  3. Nur Seda Saban-Dülger & Anja Starke: Same or different? The description of developmental pathways of grammatical skills from the results of Language Sampling Analysis in monolingual and bilingual children

  4. Dawid Walczak, Magdalena Kochańska, Maria Obarska, Karolina Sarzyńska & Natalia Banasik-Jemielniak: Sentence Repetition Task Gamified vs Non-gamified - Potential Differences in Results in a Sample of Bilingual Children

  5. Maria Obarska, Piotr Kałowski & Natalia Banasik-Jemielniak: Systematic Review and meta-analysis of Sentence Repetition Task form and use with bilingual children

  6. Angelica Zordan, Chiara Melloni, Tanja Kupisch & Michela Redolfi: Processing Adjectives Online: A Comparison between German and German-Italian Adult Heritage Speakers

  7. Michal B. Paradowski: Measuring multilingualism: Practical implications for operationalizing the construct