Completed dissertations

  • 2019: Katharina Zahner (University of Konstanz): Pitch accent type affects stress perception in German: Evidence from infant and adult speech processing  (first supervisor)
  • 2019: Janina Reinhardt University of Konstanz): Regularity and Variation in French Direct Interrogatives: The Morphosyntax  and Intonation  of Question Forms  in Reality  TV Shows, Audio Books and Teaching  Materials (oral examiner)
  • 2019: Marie-Christin Himmel (Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg): Phonetic and  phonological variability in the L1 and L2 of late bilinguals:  The case of /r/ and /l/ (second supervisor)
  • 2015: Yuki Asano (University of Konstanz): Localising foreign accents in  speech perception, storage and production (first supervisor)
  • 2014: Giuseppina Turco (MPI Nijmegen): Focus particles and intonation in Dutch, French, and Italian (second supervisor)
  • 2013: Heike Eisenhut (University of Konstanz): Word boundary features in German speech and their importance for perceptual recognition (first supervisor)
  • 2012: Katrin Schweitzer (University of Stuttgart): Frequency Effects on Pitch Accents: Towards and Exemplar-Theoretic Approach to Intonation (written and oral examiner)
  • 2011: Muna Pohl (University of Konstanz): The perception of laryngeal and length contrasts in early language acquisition (oral examiner)
  • 2010: Laura de Ruiter (MPI Nijmegen): Studies on intonation and information structure in child and adult German  (second supervisor)