Logo of the LitLing Student Council: A drawing of an open book in the middle, above the words "Fachschaft LitLing" and below the words "Universität Konstanz".

Welcome to the Student Council LitLing!

Welcome to the website of the LitLing student council! We represent all degree programs in the Department of Literature, Art and Media Studies and the Department of Linguistics in Bachelor's, Master's and teaching degree programs, LitLing for short. In the LitLing student council, we look after the interests of the students, represent you in various committees and thus help shape the examination regulations or the direction of teaching, for example. Every semester, we organize small and large events where we can come together as a student council and exchange ideas. Especially during the introductory weeks, we organize several activities to make the first-year students' start at university as pleasant as possible.

Our meetings this Summer Semester 2024 take place every Monday, 1-2 pm in H282 (or in summer in the university beer garden if the weather is good).

If you have become curious, would like to help out or simply want to get a taste of a student council, then just come along to a meeting or write to us on Instagram (@fs.litling.konstanz) or by email fs-litling@uni-konstanz.de . If you have any other questions, you are also welcome to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!