October 2022

Gemma recently presented her work on null subjects at CODILI, the slides of which can be found here.

September 2022: A bifurcation threshold of contact-induced language change

Henri Kauhanen has a new paper published in Glossa
Kauhanen, H., (2022) “A bifurcation threshold for contact-induced language change”, Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 7(1). 

Joint Conference on Language Evolution

As part of the Joint Conference on Language Evolution , Henri presented his research through a poster entitled 'A critical population threshold for contact-induced simplification.'

International Conference on Historical Linguistics 2022

The whole STARFISH team attended and thoroughly enjoyed the International Conference on Historical Linguistics (ICHL22) in August, presenting their research in the form of a talk: 'Sociolinguistic typology meets historical corpus linguistics'. Abstract here. In addition, several members of the group offered talks on their individual work. The slides for each are available for download via clicking on the respective titles.

Henri Kauhanen gave a talk entitled 'A critical threshold for the population fraction of L2 speakers necessary and sufficient to bring about contact-induced language change' as part of the workshop 'Acting on actuation: Why here, why now?'

In the main conference, Raquel Montero delivered a talk entitled 'The Loss of Plural Concord in Quantifiers and Adjectives in Middle English'. Abstract here.

Finally, a talk entitled 'Changes in Null Subjects in Latin American Spanish: a diachronic corpus study' was presented by Gemma McCarley. Abstract here.

HiSoN Murcia, June 2022

At the 11th Historical Sociolinguistics Network Conference 2022 (HiSoN), Gemma McCarley gave the talk 'Changes in Null Subjects in Latin American Spanish: A Diachronic Corpus Study'.