George Walkden (principal investigator)

George Walkden is Professor of English Linguistics and General Linguistics at the University of Konstanz and principal investigator on the project STARFISH. His research interests range broadly across historical and diachronic linguistics, syntax, and the Germanic languages.

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Henri Kauhanen (postdoctoral researcher)

Dr Henri Kauhanen is a linguist with a background in cognitive science and complex systems. With STARFISH he is responsible for developing mathematical and computational models of the population dynamics of contact-induced change, focusing on how diachronic processes emerge from repeated interactions between first- and second-language learners in structured populations.

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Gemma McCarley (PhD Student)

Gemma McCarley is a PhD student with Project STARFISH investigating null subject loss in Latin American Spanish. Her main research interests include Old English, diachronic syntax, and information structure. In the course of her research, she has built a corpus of over 60 texts from nine countries over four centuries; she is now in the process of annotating it by hand. 

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Raquel Montero Estebaranz (PhD Student)

Raquel Montero Estebaranz is a PhD student with the Project STARFISH investigating the diachronic development of polarity subjunctive. Her main research interests include the Syntax-Semantics interface and language change over time. Website here

Molly Rolf (PhD Student)

Molly Rolf is a PhD student with Project STARFISH investigating the loss of case in the Slavic languages of the Balkan Sprachbund. Her wider research interests include C/case theory, ergativity and cross-linguistic word order patterns.

Sarah Einhaus (Student Research Assistant)

Sarah Einhaus is the Student Research Assistant for STARFISH. She is currently mainly concerned with the construction of an Old English Corpus together with Raquel Montero, and she assists the whole team in various ways. She likes historical linguistics and - since she is enrolled in the Masters program Speech and Language Processing - also enjoys Computerlinguistics and Programming.