Graphical Knowledge Representation (GKR) Demo: Online Demo of the GKR Parser. The parser transforms a given sentence into a layered semantic graph, suitable for the tasks of Natural Language Inference (NLI) and semantic similarity. The graphs can also be integrated in any application as semantic representations. (in-house system)

HistoBankVis: HistoBankVis is a visualization system designed for the interactive analysis of historical linguistic data. The system allows a researcher to not only investigate previously formulated hypotheses, but also to interact with the data directly and efficiently in order to explore and identify potentially interesting correlations between linguistic features and structures contained in the data. (in-house system)

VisArgue: The VisArgue Project was an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Political Science, Linguistics and Information Science departments of the University of Konstanz. Its main goal was the development of an automatic tool for measuring the quality of a deliberation in a political discourse. (in-house system)