Linguistic laboratories (LingLab)

Visit Methods @ LingLab, a fully-online, open-access collection of workshops, tutorials and plenary talks on a variety of linguistic and methodological research areas. All events hosted by the LingLab, for everyone.

LingLab is a consortium of the different laboratories within the Linguistics Department. This includes:

Head of LingLab
Prof. Dr. Miriam Butt

Miriam Butt is Professor of Linguistics at the Department of Linguistics at the University of Konstanz. She is best known for her theoretical linguistic work on complex predicates and on grammatical case, and for her computational linguistic work in large-scale grammar development within the ParGram project.

LingLab Manager
Dr Massimiliano Canzi

Max has recently graduated from a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Manchester. His interests mainly include data science and data visualisation, speech perception, acoustics and phonetics. Contact Max for ANY question you might have about the LingLab.

Admin Staff
­­­Alex Heizmann (Room G122)
Office Hours Mo-Fr: 0900-1700
IT Hard/Software and Audio in the LingLab

Admin Staff
Oleksiy (Alex) Bobrov
IT-Administration, PC/ARM-hardware, networking, virtualization (servers, desktops), IT-security, Linux/Windows-administration, programming: Java, Presentation, Matlab, maple, R, etc.