General information on administrative requirements for doctoral student applications at the University of Konstanz can be found on the page Konstanz Research School.

An English translation of the subject-specific requirements for the Department of Linguistics can be downloaded here (PDF).

It is not possible to enroll as a doctoral candidate until a Master's Degree has been attained. Therefore, please submit applications for doctoral candidate positions only then (an official copy of the Master's Degree is required). You can still enroll for the current semester retroactively if you apply in the middle of the semester. For further information on doctorate programmes, please use the Doctoral researcher portal of the University of Konstanz.

Please register in ZEuS for the course-related coursework. Registration periods for the Humanities Section:
Winter semester: between 01.12. and 15.01.
Summer semester: between 01.05. and 15.06.

Course/credit transfer of assessments is done by Dr. Peter Krause.