Department and Research Colloquium

Fall term 2022/2023
Thursdays 11:45-13:15 in room G 307 if not otherwise specified

Date Presenter Title
27.10 Natascha Korotkova
(Universität Konstanz)
Conversational dynamics of Russian questions with 'razve'
10.11 Marie-Anne Morand (Universität Zürich) Phonetic features of multiethnolectal Zurich German
17.11 Andrea Nini
(The University of Manchester)
From Jack the Ripper to cybercrime: linguistics as a forensic science
24.11 Laura Grestenberger
(Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Reanalysis2 and the directionality of “change events”: Bringing morphological change into the fold
01.12 Petra Schumacher
(Universität zu Köln)
Demonstrative pronouns and perspectival anchoring
15.12 Chiara Melloni
(Università di Verona)
Morphological skills in developmental dyslexia

PhD Students' Talk
Saira Bano
Chen-An Chang
19.01 Amalia Arvaniti
(Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)
26.01 Martin Pfeiffer
(Universität Potsdam)
Language Acquisition and Sociolinguistic Variation
02.02 Katerina Palasis
Richard Faure
(Université Côte d'Azur)

Wh-fronting in adult Colloquial and child French: Triggers at the syntax-semantics interface

09.02 PhD Students' Talk
Maria Ferin