Department and Research Colloquium

Fall term 2023/2024
Thursdays 11:45-13:15 in room G 307 if not otherwise specified

Date Presenter Title
26.10 Pavel Caha
(Masaryk University)
Spatial Cases in Tsez: Revisiting the Great Daghestanian Case Hoax
02.11 Florian Hintz
(Philipps University Marburg, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics)
A closer look at prediction in multimodal environments: Examining variability across language users and the effects of iconic gestures
16.11 Jamie Findlay
(University of Oslo)
The continued relevance of rule-based semantic parsing in the age of deep learning: an introduction to the Universal Natural Language Understanding project
23.11 Ciyang Qing
(University of Edinburgh)
The syntactic and semantic landscape of emotive clause-embedding predicates: English and beyond
30.11 Ulrike Schneider
(Universität Mainz/Universität Konstanz)
Negation and Modals in Early Modern and Late Modern English: A  Complex Relationship
14.12 Hatice Zora
(Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics)
­Relevance of prosodic information for spoken communication at the lexical and discourse levels: Evidence from psychometric and electrophysiological data
11.01 Margaret Kehoe
(University of Geneva)
Is there a bilingual advantage in phonological acquisition? A review of the literature and evidence from French
18.01 Christina Manouilidou
(University of Ljubljana)
Dissociating syntactic licensing from semantic wellformedness in South Slavic complex word processing

PhD Students' Talk
Raquel Montero

Gemma McCarley

Polarity subjunctive: its meaning and development

The Development of Subject Pronoun Realization in Latin American Spanish: A Diachronic Corpus Study


PhD Students' Talk
Qi Yu

Molly Rolf

Towards a More In-Depth Framing Detection: Synergizing NLP Techniques and Linguistic Insights

Tracking case 'loss' in Balkan Slavic with corpus data