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Newsletter of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Konstanz

Issue CLXXIV: December 2022

This is the 174th issue of the Newsletter published by the Department of Linguistics at the University of Konstanz. It covers informations about the plans of the members of the department in December 2022 as well as short reports about events, presentations, etc. in November 2022.

Events at/by the Department

Department and Research Colloquium in December

01.12 Petra Schumacher (Universität zu Köln): Demonstrative pronouns and perspectival anchoring
15.12 Chiara Melloni (Università di Verona): Morphological skills in developmental dyslexia

Department and Research Colloquium in November

10.11 Marie-Anne Morand (Universität Zürich): Phonetic features of multiethnolectal Zurich German
17.11 Andrea Nini (The University of Manchester): From Jack the Ripper to cybercrime: linguistics as a forensic science
24.11 Laura Grestenberger (Austrian Academy of Sciences): Reanalysis2 and the directionality of “change events”: Bringing morphological change into the fold

Conferences, Workshops and Presentations

In December

  • Frederik Hartmann and George Walkden are giving a talk titled Syntax vs. phonology in language relatedness at the AMC Symposium in Edinburgh on Wednesday 7th December.
  • On December 10th, Nicole Dehé will present an invited colloquium talk at the Sun Yat-Sen University in China (virtual talk) entitled The function(s) of prosody in discourse.

In November

  • Anamaria Bentea (with Ur Shlonsky and Stephanie Durrleman) presented a poster entitled Towards a hierarchy of featural mismatch effects in the acquisition of A’-dependencies: A comprehension study with French children at BUCLD 47, which took place in Boston from 3rd to 6th November.
  • Regine Eckardt presented as a plenary speaker at the Conference Formal Diachronic Semantics (FoDS 7) at Budapest on November 10th-11th. For more information see here.
  • Angelika Golegos, Lisa Hindelang, Anna Czypionka & Theodoros Marinis presented a poster titled Is stress a cue for the interpretation of pronouns in adult Italian and Greek L2 learners of Geman? at the Workshop on L2 sentence and discourse processing in Cologne, Germany, 18th November.
  • Angelika Golegos, Maria Andreou, Dafni-Vaia Bagioka, Franziska Baumeister, Anna Czypionka, Eleni Peristeri, Vasileia Skrimpa, Arhonto Terzi & Theodoros Marinis presented a poster titled Ein neuer Test zur Untersuchung der Theorie des Geistes fur Kinder mit eingeschrankten sprachlichen Fahigkeiten - Daten aus einer binationalen Studie in Deutschland und Griechenland at the Interdisziplinäre Tagung über Sprachentwicklungsstörungen (ISES 12) - in Marburg, Germany, 25th - 26th November.

More News

  • Dear Department members, a new e-mail address has been created for social media: Don’t hesitate to write an e-mail in case you have relevant news for Twitter and Facebook!
  • On Friday 9th December at 19.00 the Cambridge University European Theatre Group will be performing William Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Unitheater (A 500). Tickets cost €15 and are available from Christa Gommel ( The visit has been arranged by George Walkden, a former ETG member.
  • On October 26th the research group "Questions at the Interfaces (FOR2111)" successfully organised a movie night in cooperation with the Office of Equal Opportunities and the University Cinema Lumière.

    The movie night opened with a short talk on the resistance of language by George Walkden. George's talk was followed by a screening of Nu Shu: A Hidden Language of Women in China - a documentary about a secret written language that was developed by a group of women from the Hunan province to resist the oppression of the patriarchal society of feudal China.

    We thank all members of the department who joined us on this lovely evening. Special Thanks go to George for agreeing to say a few words before the movie and to Irene Wolke who willingly took over the communication with the Office of Equal Opportunities and the University Cinema Lumière.
  • We were very pleased to be able to present a varied and interesting program of talks at the Workshop “Pertinacity Pertains” at Schloss Marbach from Sept. 29th to Sept. 30th.

    The workshop was held in honor of Aditi Lahiri (former member of our department, Leibniz prize winner, triple ERC grant holder, CBE, FBA, etc. etc.) and featured talks by an international set of participants, several of our current and past department members, our department’s Ehrendoktor Paul Kiparsky as well as our former “ständiger Gastprofessor” Carlos Gussenhoven and Aditi Lahiri herself!

    On Friday, we also took the opportunity to look back at when Aditi first hired Achim to be the technician for her newly established PhonLab and immediately got him to work on providing the department with internet and email (this was 1992!). We charted laughter and tears over many shared years together and, together with several former members of the department who had arrived for the occasion, toasted Achim’s last day of work with the department with sadness but also with many good wishes for the future!
  • The project STARFISH, led by George Walkden, was featured in an article in EU Research magazine: “Speaking your language, and changing it too?”:

Publications by Members of the Department

  • Walkden, George. 2022. Review of Matthias Friedrich & James M. Harland (eds.), Interrogating the "Germanic": a category and its use in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages (de Gruyter, 2021). Journal of Germanic Linguistics 34(4), 420-427. (online access)
  • Bentea, Anamaria and Durrlemann, Stephanie. 2022. Person Matters: Relative Clauses in the Acquisition of French, Isogloss 8(5)/2. (online access)
  • Bentea, Anamaria and Marinis, Theodoros. 2022. Multiple wh-interrogatives in child heritage Romanian: On-line Comprehension and Production, “Frontiers in Psychology”, 13:1018225. (online access)
  • Malinka Pila & Silvana Paletti (translated and adapted by). 2021. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry / Te mali Prïncip [Jïmë od francöwskaga oriǵinala: Le Petit Prince]. Neckarsteinach: Tintenfaß.
  • Malinka Pila. 2022. Studi linguistici sul verbo resiano. Aspetto, Tempo, Taxis, Diatesi. [Linguistic studies on the Resian verb. Aspect, Tense, Taxis, Voice] Padova: CLEUP. (= Italian translations and revisions of some of my articles first published in other languages).
  • Malinka Pila. 2022. L’espressione del futuro in resiano, tersko e nadiško: un caso di contatto linguistico? [The expression of the Future tense in Resian, Tersko and Nadiško: a case of language contact?]. In: M. Pila (ed.), "Slavische Varietäten im Sprachkontakt. Gegenwart und Geschichte, Lexikon und Grammatik" (= Slavistische Beiträge 513). Wiesbaden: Harrasowitz. 69-96 (online access).
  • Malinka Pila (edited by). 2022. Slavische Varietäten im Sprachkontakt. Gegenwart und Geschichte, Lexikon und Grammatik (= Slavistische Beiträge 513). Wiesbaden: Harrasowitz. (online access).
  • M. Pila et al. (edited by). 2022. Festschrift for Rosanna Benacchio / Rosanna Benacchio. Studi slavistici tra linguistica, dialettologia e filologia [Slavic studies between linguistics, dialectology and philology] (= Biblioteca di Studi Slavistici; 48). Firenze: Firenze University Press. (online access)
  • Reimer, Laura & Andreas Trotzke. 2022. The landscape of non-canonical ‘only’ in German. Linguistics Vanguard. Online First.

Acquisitions of the Library

  • Dörr, Mona: Hören vs. Lesen: Einfluss der Rezeptionsmodalität und der Prosodie (für die Hörversion) auf das Textverständnis und die Gedächtnisleistung bei zwei literarischen Texten
  • Braxmeier, Linus: Language support in German as a second language at schools in Konstanz: the teachers' perspective
  • Fischer, Hanna: Aspektualität in Varietäten des Deutschen
  • Ríos Sanchez, Manuel Fernando: Associative mnemonics to teach false cognates between Spanish and Portuguese
  • Firgau, Maximilian: Ergativity in Basque and Georgian
  • Altshuler, Daniel: Linguistics meets philosophy
  • Marqueta Gracia, Bárbara: Avances de la lingüística y su aplicación didáctica
  • Lentjes, Susanne: Preposition stranding in the Middle English period text-based analysis
  • Vezzosi, Letizia: Current issues in Medieval England
  • Schiewer, Gesine Lenore: Handbücher zur Sprach- und Kommunikationswissenschaft; Volume 46,1 1, Volume 46,2 2: Language and emotion/edited by Gesine Lenore Schiewer, Jeanette Altarriba, Bee Chin Ng
  • Varbot, Ž. Ž.: Ėtimologičeskij slovarʹ slavjanskich jazykov; Vypusk 42 : (*peča-*perzʹʹ)/pod redakciej doktora filologičeskich nauk Ž.Ž. Varbot
  • Iomdin, Leonid Leibovič: Lifetime linguistic inspirations: to Igor Mel'čuk from colleagues and friends for his 90th birthday
  • Indogermanische Forschungen; 127. Band (2022)
  • Studi italiani di linguistica teorica e applicata; Anno 50 (2021)
  • L' Italia dialettale; Volume 83 = Serie 3, 19 (2022)
  • Studi linguistici italiani; 3. serie, 25 = volume 46 (2020)
  • Romanic review; 112 (2021)
  • Jahrbuch für internationale Germanistik; Jahrgang 54, Heft 1
  • Zielsprache Deutsch; 47. Jahrgang (2020)
  • Suvremena lingvistika; Godina 48, svezak 1-... = broj 93-...

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