Fachbereichs- und Forschungsgruppenkolloquium

Sommersemester 2023
Donnerstags 11:45-13:15 Uhr in G 307, falls nicht anders angegeben

Termin Vortragender Titel
13.04 Maria Teresa Guasti
(Università degli Studi di Milano, Bicocca)
Language Acquisition within Meaning First
20.04 Pilar Pérez Ocón
(Universidad de Alcalá)

When uno (‘one’) is the speaker: on the values of the determiner uno in Spanish

27.04 Malinka Pila
(Universität Konstanz)
The Resian verb system under German and Romance influence
04.05 Tristan Miller
(Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Wien)
Computational analysis and translation of wordplay
11.05 Eleanor Chodroff
(Universität Zürich)
Uniformity in phonetic realization within and across languages
15.06 Fabian Heck
(Universität Leipzig)
­Empty expletives and the EPP
22.06 Emanuel Quadros de Souza
(Universität Konstanz)

Grammatical theory and variation in an exemplar-driven categorial grammar

29.06 Carmen Saldana
(Universität Zürich)
What can Artificial Language Learning experiments tell us about morphological universals?
06:07 Maria Polinsky
(University of Maryland College Park)
Bilinguals’ strategies under indeterminacy in the input
13.07 Doktorandenvortrag
Benazir Mumtaz
Resolving Prosodic Puzzles in Urdu
20.07 Mariia Esipova
(Universität Konstanz)
Intentionality and accidentality at the interfaces