General Information

Departmental orientation events

Orientation events at the Linguistics Department are taking place in April 2024.

Wednesday, 3. April 2024

Orientation event for the MA Multilingualism                                                                   

11.45-13.15 Room D 430          

Wednesday, 3. April 2024

Orientation event for the MA Linguistics                                                                                     

10:00-11:30, Room G 203                                 

Friday, 5. April 2024

Orientation event for the MA Speech and Language Processing                                         

     10:00-11:30 Room G 209

1. Application

Admission requirements:

A qualifying diploma (three years minimum, Bachelor of Arts or equivalent from a public or publicly recognized institution, with a final grade equivalent to the German 2.5) is a requirement for the master's programmes offered by the Department of Linguistics. In certain exceptional cases, an admission may be made without a finished bachelor's degree in linguistics.

Application deadlines: 

Admission to the master's programmes is possible in both Winter and Summer Semesters. The application deadline for the Winter Semester is 15 June, and for the Summer Semester, 15 January. The completed application as well as all necessary documents must be received by the University of the Konstanz by the above stated deadline. More information can be found on University of Konstanz page Application for master-level studies.

As from now the application documents for the Master's programmes also include a letter of application in English of a maximum length of one page, which provides information on the applicant's suitability and motivation for the desired degree programme.

Admission without Bachelor's Degree:

If the applicant is not able to furnish a diploma by the time of the application, s/he must provide evidence for the probable fulfillment of the admissions requirements based on the coursework completed by the time of the application. The final Bachelor's Degree must be completed at the latest two months after the beginning of the first semester. Admission and enrollment can be permitted on the condition that the necessary qualifications are fulfilled and provided in the time allotted.  

German language skills for foreign applications (only M.A. Linguistics):

Please note that applicants who obtained their bachelor degree from a non-German speaking university should be able to demonstrate that they have good knowledge of German. Their German language skills need to be confirmed in the form of a TestDAF 4,  DSH 2 or an equivalent certificate, cf. German language skills) This certificate needs to be provided together with the application forms at the time of application.
For the areas of specialisation General Linguistics and English Linguistics no German language skills are required.

English language skills (all programmes):

Applicants are also expected to have good knowledge of English, minimum level B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages(CEFR).

Applicants for the area of specialisation English Linguistics have to demonstrate English language skills at level C1 of the CEFR .

For the area of specialisation Romance Language and Linguistics, knowledge of one of the Romance languages studied in depth is required at level C1 of the CEFR.

Russian language skills at level C1 of the CEFR are required for the area of specialisation Slavic Language and Linguistics.

As proof of their sufficient language skills applicants may e.g. submit one of the official language certificates listed on the website Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen für Sprachen (GER) (Common European Framework of Reference for Langauges, CEFR). In the past, other certificates (e.g. from language institutes at universities) have been accepted as well as long as they clearly indicated the language level of the applicant according to the CEFR. Certificates without such an indication will not be accepted.

2. Study and Examination Regulations

Please refer to the Master's examination  as well as the general examination regulations for the Master of Arts (M.A.) in humanities and programme-specific regulations.

For Related Disciplines, cf. "Fachfremde Veranstaltungen für mein Studium"  .

3. Module handbooks

Information as to the structure and content of the master's programmes can be found in the module handbooks.

4. Registration in ZEuS

All students must register for examinations and course credit through ZEuS. Enrollment times for the Humanities Section are as follows:

  • Winter Semester: from 1 December until 15 January.
  • Summer Semester: from 1 May until 15 June.

Other departments may have different enrollment dates. 

Information regarding TAN-lists (required in order to officially enroll for an examination) can be found on the SB-Terminal.

5. Master's Examination


To register for the MA thesis, students need to have completed at least 50% of the ECTS-credits that are relevant to the final grade (and the internship, for SLP). The 50%-confirmination is issued by your respective study advisor. Please send him/her the names of your supervisors.

Semester of examination Enrollment dates for the Master's thesis, final examination** and/or oral examination Master's examination schedule Enrollment forms*
Winter Semester 1 - 15 July 

Begin Master's Thesis: end of  October

Final Exam**: beginning of March

Mr. Bucifal (C 406)
Summer Semester 1 - 15 February

Begin Master's Thesis: Ende April

Final Exam**: beginning of September

Mr. Bucifal (C 406)

  *Forms should be picked up a few weeks before the beginning of the enrollment period.

** If required in the examination regulations.

Authorized Supervisors: All professors in the Department of Linguistics as well as Prof. Axinja Hachfeld (M.A. Multilingualism), substitute Professors, private Professors and lecturers as well as Tafseer Ahmed Khan (M.A. Linguistik, M.A. Speech and Language Processing, M.A. Multilingualism), Fernanda Barrientos (M.A. Linguistics, M.A. Multilingualism), Christin Beck (M.A. Linguistics, M.A. Speech and Language Processing), Anamaria Bentea (M.A. Linguistik, M.A. Speech and Language Processing, M.A. Multilingualism), Tina Bögel (M.A. Linguistics, M.A. Speech and Language Processing), Massimiliano Canzi (M.A. Linguistics, M.A. Multilingualism, M.A. Speech and Language Processing), Anna Czypionka (M.A. Linguistics, M.A. Multilingualism, M.A. Speech and Language Processing), Marieke Einfeldt (M.A. Linguistics, M.A. Multilingualism, M.A. Speech and Language Processing), Henri Kauhanen (M.A. Linguistics, M.A. Multilingualism, M.A. Speech and Language Processing), Anika Lloyd-Smith (M.A. Linguistics, M.A. Multilingualism), Alexandra Rehn (M.A. Linguistics, M.A. Multilingualism, M.A. Speech and Language Processing), and Mark-Matthias Zymla (M.A. Linguistik, M.A. Speech and Language Processing, M.A. Multilingualism).

6. Acceptance as Doctoral Candidate

It is not possible to enroll as a doctoral candidate until a Master's Degree has been attained. Therefore, please submit applications for doctoral candidate positions only then (an official copy of the Master's Degree is required). You can still enroll for the current semester retroactively if you apply in the middle of the semester. For further information on doctorate programmes, please use the Konstanz Research School portal of the University of Konstanz.

7. Advising

Programme Advisor
MA Linguistics Dr Anika Lloyd-Smith
Specialization: General Linguistics Prof Maribel Romero
Specialization: English Linguistics Prof George Walkden
Specialization: German / Germanic Linguistics Prof Regine Eckardt
Specialization: Romance Language and Linguistics  Prof Georg Kaiser
Specialization: Slavic Language and Linguistics Prof Bernhard Brehmer
Double-Degree Option with the Università di Verona Prof Tanja Kupisch
MA Multilingualism Dr Muna Schönhuber, Angelika Golegos
Double-Degree Option with the Université Bordeaux Montaigne Prof Georg Kaiser
MA Speech and Language Processing Dr Tina Bögel

Our Department Advisor Dr. Anika Lloyd-Smith can advise you for all important questions about our study programmes.

On the Erasmus-Homepage from the Department of Linguistics you can find information all about studying abroad in Europe. Personal advising is available from our Erasmus-Coordinator Melanie Hochstätter.