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Linguistics is not "German" or "English" or "French," but rather

 ... the science of languages and the capacity for speech. Each of us has vast knowledge about our own native language, but this knowledge remains subconscious, and is therefore not necessarily easy to articulate. This is where linguistics as the science of unconscious knowledge of language comes in, attempting to bring the "Sprachgefühl" to light and to articulate previously ineffable language insights.

The Department of Linguistics invites prospective students to visit lectures and seminars in the "Schnupperstudium"  (sample study) program.

For the most part, classes and seminars throughout the semester can be visited. The beginning of the semester (end of October/beginning of November in the winter semester and end of April/beginning of May in the summer semester) is an especially good time to do this.

Since the lectures and seminars you visit may be for advanced students, you may not be able to easily follow the content. Don't let this discourage you! The students already have experience from earlier classes and attend the course regularly. Even if you can not understand everything, you can benefit greatly from attending lectures at the university. You will get an idea of the questions that arise in the field of linguistics and of the atmosphere here at the university. The experiences you have during your visit to the university can also help you decide which subject you want to study.

Interested? Contact Ms. Lloyd-Smith (Department Advising) to inquire about possible classes and events. Visits should be planned at least two weeks in advance.