Angelika Golegos

I'm an academic staff member in the research group general linguistics (multilingualism) and a PhD candidate. I also work as study advisor for the master’s programme Multilingualism and coordinator for internationalisation at the Department of Linguistics. 

Research interests: 

  • Language acquisition and processing in monolingual and multilingual populations
  • Language skills and theory of mind 

Research projects, groups and labs:

  • PhD project: The resolution of pronouns across monolingual and bilingual speakers of German and Greek, with a special focus on child first language acquisition.
  • German-Greek toolkit for Theory of Mind and Language in Autism (MiLA)
  • Teacher Education about Multilingualism (Erasmus+ TEAM)
  • Member of the Centre for Multilingualism
  • Member of the Psycholinguistics Lab

My CV can be found here