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MECORE Closing Workshop

19. bis 21. Juni 2024


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Vortragende Person/Vortragende Personen:

Advances in the semantics of clause-embedding predicates: theories, cross-linguistic data, and experimentation

Invited speakers

  • Tanya Bondarenko (Harvard)
  • Kajsa Djärv (Edinburgh)
  • Mora Maldonado (Nantes)
  • Paul Portner (Georgetown)
  • Jeanne Lecavelier and Malte Zimmermann (Potsdam)

This workshop concerns the semantic properties and subcategorization patterns of clause-embedding predicates (e.g., believe, know, wonder). We aim to bring together researchers working on the semantics of clause-embedding predicates using a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches (e.g., fieldwork, experimental, computational), and to discuss new developments and open issues in the research area.