Dr. Anna Czypionka

Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a PostDoc at the Department of Linguistics, University of Constance.

My central research topic is language comprehension. I work on processing from the single-word to the discourse level, with a strong focus on processing at the interfaces. I use data from ERP measurements, eyetracking, self-paced reading, different reaction time measurements, and a variety of rating paradigms, combining lab- and web-based techniques.

Lately, my research area has expanded to include interindividual differences in language processing, with a new project beginning in April 2023.

I am associated with the following projects, groups and labs:

  • Meaningful Silence and Noise (MeaNs), University of Constance Research Initiative, project B06 Interindividual variation at the syntax-pragmatics interface (websites coming up)
  • Questions at the Interfaces, DFG Research Unit FOR2111, project P1
  • German-Greek toolkit for Theory of Mind and Language in Autism (MiLA), YKIDA project, Universities of Constance, Cologne, Thessaly and Patras 
  • Psycholinguistics lab, University of Constance
  • Neurolinguistics lab, University of Constance
  • Center for Experimental Research on Natural Language, University of Wroclaw

Beginning in April 2020, I am a member of the Konstanzia Fellowship.

My research output is available here, and also via Research Gate and Academia.edu.

A detailed version of my CV can be found here.